Don't Let Me Dry Out!


Believe it or not, the garden season is not over yet! This time of year, trees, shrubs and even perennials are preparing for the harsh winter season. They are actually strengthening their root systems. One of the most important things they need from now until the ground freezes is…WATER!


Don’t worry if your irrigation system has been winterized, no need to turn it back on. Most trees and shrubs just need to get a good watering every 10 to 14 days, or an average 1” of rain per week. But if it has been a dry period, or a very dry autumn, you will want to give a hose soaking to your ornamental trees and shrubs. I suggest five (5) gallons of water per shrub or small tree.


Pay special attention to the new plantings that you put in this past spring or summer. They are still getting settled into their new home – their roots will need regular watering until the ground freezes.


Evergreens face the hardest time during the winter. They don’t get the break from drying cold and wind that deciduous plants have. Pay special attention to your broadleaf evergreens, such as rhododendron, holly, and pieris japonica. The broad leaf actually accelerates the drying impact of winter weather.


This short article reinforces my very strong belief in fall watering:


PS: The other thing your plants need this fall to support strong root growth is MULCH! Rake those leaves into your gardens instead of into the street!