MY Favorite Garden Blogs

Of course, I am thrilled that you read and enjoy my blog here at A Southern Gardener. But, there are so many more online resources for information and ideas about plants and gardening and gardens. I enjoy looking up and reviewing new websites and blogs as I come across them. As you are relaxing this holiday season, if you find yourself with some quiet time to fill, I urge you to check out some of MY favorite garden blogs.


First on my list is Gardenista. More than just a blog, this site is full of DIY ideas, great places to shop, tools and tips, destinations to plan in the next year. The site can seem overwhelming, but it is actually very well organized. And new things are posted all the time, and I mean all the time, throughout the day! This website alone will keep you engaged for hours.

Dirt Simple.jpg

Another website on my ‘Do Not Miss’ list is Dirt Simple, a blog site by Deborah Silver, a landscape and garden designer whose firm, Deborah Silver and Co Inc., opened its doors here in the Metro Detroit area in 1986. Then, she opened Detroit Garden Works, a retail store in Sylvan Lake devoted to fine and unusual garden ornament and specialty plants, in 1996. She has been writing this journal style blog since April of 2009 and you can access all of her writings on the blog page.

Another favorite resource is Garden Professors (you can also find them on Facebook). This is also a blog that has been around since 2009, featuring articles from multiple authors. The site is an informative website about the ‘science’ of gardening and the search tool is simple and straight forward. Their tag line is 'Advancing the science of gardening and other stuff since 2009', so don't feel it will be 'too technical' to read. It is packed full of valuable information and lovely photos.

If you have a few moments this holiday season, look over these great websites, sign up for their newsletters or follow them on Facebook. You will have lots of inspiration come your way as we wait for the arrival of spring.

Happy New Year from all of us at A Southern Gardener!