Water Those Evergreens!

We enjoyed plenty of spring rains this year, but that has changed in the recent weeks. We all recognize the droopy signs of dryness in our annuals and perennials, and may even see signs in our deciduous trees and shrubs. But, evergreens can suffer from dryness, and may not show visible signs – until it is too late.

Evergreens are not just pines, there are broadleaf evergreens as well, such as holly, pieris japonicus and rhododendron. And these plants suffered greatly in the last two harsh winters. Consistent deep watering during the growing season will go a long way to helping them recover and prepare for the coming winter.

All of your evergreens will need the equivalent of five gallons of water once a week, even if you have a sprinkler system. And even though we have received some recent heavy rains, keep in mind those storms haven't really had time to soak all the way into the soil. Water your evergreens slowly and deeply. Adding a layer of mulch, minimum of 3” deep, around the base of each plant will hold the moisture int the soil longer, allowing the plant more time to absorb.

As we go into the hot dry month of August, keep an eye on all your garden plants!