Tomatoes and Peppers and Lettuce...Oh My!

The end of winter may not be in sight, but gardeners are already planning for their spring projects. It’s what will get us through these long cold weeks! One resource you should consider when planning your vegetable garden is Michigan Heirlooms. Owned by Karen Golden, Michigan Heirlooms is a small family-owned and operated farm, providing the highest quality, organic heirloom tomato, pepper, and lettuce plants. Karen’s theory is simple: PLAN, PLANT, PROVIDE.

Michigan Heirlooms grows all plants from their own seeds, carefully selecting from prior years’ experience. The selection is tremendous; from the smallest, sweetest cherry tomatoes (ever tasted a Coyote? It's like popping a Pez in your mouth!) to big, bold sandwich size beauties (how about a BLT with a big slice of Cosmonaut Volkov?).

And then there are the peppers. From sweet mild peppers perfect for salads or grilling (Chervena Chujski is one to try) all the way to the fiery peppers certain to give your salsa a memorable zing (the Bhut Jolokia Chocolate should come with a warning!). Karen has varieties you will not find anywhere else!

Karen’s other well-known customer favorite is her Lettuce Bowl. With a minimum of 10 different organic leaf lettuces artfully arranged in a 14” plastic bowl, as you pick young leaves, plants will re-grow, giving you fresh gourmet salads for a minimum of two months (She’s had reports of bowls lasting through to first frost). Her special soil blend needs no additional fertilizing - just keep the bowl watered and enjoy!

Orders can be placed as early as January through the website: On there you will find really great information about the varieties she cultivates, How-To’s, links to useful resources and even recipes provided by some of her favorite customers! And then plan your May visit to her farm, located just outside Milford, Michigan, to pick up your plants and meet Karen in person.