Out, Out Darn Weeds!

Weeding tool aresenal

Weeding tool aresenal

The key to keeping the weeds under control and actually being able to relax and enjoy your garden space is really very simple: Work early and relax later!

If you get into your gardens now, while the plants are still relatively small and you have room to work, you will be able to enjoy the gardens with little upkeep during the hot summer months. With a couple simple spring tasks, the gardens will be looking sharp all season long.

  1. Don’t Just Cut Off Their Heads: Dig in there, get to the ROOT of your weeds. Most native weeds are smart, their stems break of easily, but the roots are still in the soil ready to pop right up again. Dig down into the soil, cultivate, get as much of the root system out as possible.
  2. Lift Up Your Skirts (of your plants, that is!): Weeds like to settle in under broader leaf plants, hiding away until they are big, strong and well rooted. Look under those hostas, pull back the lower branches of your ornamental shrubs. Find out who is lurking under there and dig them out.
  3. Mulch, Mulch, Mulch: Finally, after cleaning things up, apply a nice thick layer of mulch to the garden (3” minimum) to smother any new weeds that may still try to come through. As an added benefit to the garden, mulch helps with water conservation!

This is the time to get into the garden and cleanup for spring. The weather is cooler, the plants are easy to work around and the soil is soft and easy to work in. A weekend of work now will give you an entire summer to...