Late Summer Garden Refresh

WE have had a lovely spring and summer this year, perfect weather for our gardens. For some gardens, though, things may be looking a little tired. Here are a few suggestions to perk things up for the next few weeks!

A quick way to brighten the garden is to clean out any old, dried or dead foliage and flowers. The day lilies in our gardens are a perfect example. They have bloomed and now there are dreary looking dead flower stalks and seed pods everywhere, making the whole garden look tired - removing them can freshen a bed immediately!

Deadhead all of your perennials (unless you are keeping something for winter interest), removing spent blooms and foliage that has gone by. And be sure to keep deadheading and pinching back your summer annuals. Many varieties will keep growing and blooming well into fall if you do so!

Another great thing is to just quickly clean up the bed lines. Over the summer grass has encroached and the edges have softened. Just like the look of a trim at the hair salon, nothing says fresh like a clean sharp bed line!

Have an spot in the garden where a spring perennial has gone dormant? Pick up a colorful tropical houseplant for that empty place! Whether in a pot or temporarily planted in the garden, this is a great way to add splash to your garden. When the temps turn cool, bring it in to brighten your indoor space. Great bang for your buck!