Weed, Weed, Weed!

The weather this spring and summer has been wonderful for our gardens! The temperatures have been lovely (for the most part), the rains have come when needed. Trees are healthier, the blooms on our ornamental shrubs and roses have been spectacular (see my recent post on hydrangeas!) and the blossoms on annuals and perennials seem to last longer.

And then there are the weeds.

They are having a field day this summer! They are popping up everywhere and seem more determined than ever to take over. But don’t fret; I have a couple tips to make weeding an easier task to tackle.

1.       Break your gardens down into smaller projects, working on one part at a time. Don’t overwhelm yourself by taking on too much at a time. Gardening, even weeding, should be something to enjoy!

2.       If the weather has been dry, like earlier this week, water your garden well 24 hours before you plan to work in the garden. Trust me, this will soften up the soil and make it much easier to get to the roots of those pesky roots.

3.       Having the proper tools can make any task easier. I use a Japanese garden knife, or Hori-Hori knife, in my gardens. Beveled for shoveling and serrated for sawing, it can be used to dig, weed, transplant and divide perennials and more. The deeper you can get to the roots of weeds, the better chance you have to eliminate the plant.

It is a wonderful feeling to take a part of the garden, spend a little time giving it a good clean up, then standing back to enjoy the beauty you have uncovered!