Beautiful Fall Containers!

Another season in the garden is approaching! Fall in the garden is its own special season and this a great time to try something new in your garden containers. As your summer annuals are finishing, shop now for some beautiful and unusual plants to replace them with.


Some of my favorite plants to use this time of year are ornamental cabbages or kales, and even swiss chard. The colors of greens, purples, pinks and bright whites of the cabbage and kale are so different from summer colors. Contrast those with the bright reds and yellows of the stalks of Rainbow swiss chard!


A really FUN plant to add to your containers are ornamental peppers, like Black Pearl. And for a contrast of texture, think of sedums, like Angelina, or Pigs in a Blanket (honest, that's the name, look it up!) or an ornamental grass,  like one of my favorites, Toffee Twist. For a stunning centerpiece, consider an ornamental millet. You can even tuck in colorful gourds or small pumpkins for more colorful options.

Finally, you don't need to have flowers in your fall containers with all of these options, but if you wish, pansies and violas are available now, along with fresh selections of calabrachoa, verbena, osteospermum, just to name a few. The time is now to shop for your fall containers!