Spring Bulbs...Shop Now!

The bulb catalogs are filling up my mailbox right now and it is wonderful to see all of the new and different offerings. However, the heirloom bulbs are very special to me and I have found a great resource to order these beauties, and they are located right here in Michigan!

Old House Gardens is my favorite source for heirloom bulbs. Proud to be America’s only mail-order source devoted entirely to heirloom bulbs, many available nowhere else, and an international leader in the preservation of these fabulous relics, they offer bulbs that have charmed gardeners from Thomas Jefferson to Martha Stewart.

They are taking orders now with shipments beginning on October 1st. They offer a small but select list of heirlooms of many varieties, including:

Crocus Snowbunting, cultivated since 1914, the great Southern gardener Elizabeth Lawrence wrote, “If I could have only one crocus, it would be this.” She praised its “pearly” buds and its “delightful, strong, and musk-like” fragrance.


Double Campernelle, cultivated for over 400 years, this classic beauty has dozens of petals neatly nested together as if in a perfect miniature rose – and just as fragrant!



Trillium grandiflorum, this simple but stunning wildflower that Allan Armitage calls “the epitome of woodland natives” is also a great garden plant. As far back as 1805 Philadelphia nurseryman Bernard McMahon recommended bringing it in from the woods to “grace and embellish the flower-garden”.


This is just a very small sampling of the many wonderful heirloom bulbs Old House Gardens offers. I encourage you to visit their website: http://www.oldhousegardens.com/

Select some beauties to plant this fall...to enjoy in the spring!