Early Spring in the Garden

I know you are all itching to get into your gardens and clean up the beds and prune your trees and shrubs. But, hold on a minute! Did you know you do not want to be in the beds when they are wet from melting snow and spring rains?

By walking and working in a wet garden bed, you compact the soil tightly around the very plants you want to wake up and sprout. Compacted soil means compacted roots, roots that are just beginning to extend after a long winter. And if the roots cannot easily grow, neither will your plants. Your spring bulbs and perennials need the soft spring soils to make their return!

If you must work in the garden when the soil is wet, or even just damp, use a small sheet of plywood (3/4" thick) or a wide board (2"x12") to walk and stand on. This will spread the weight avoiding compacting the soil around your trees, shrubs and perennials.