Be Sure To Get Tested! (Your Soil, That Is!)

Just like we go to the doctor for physical tests on a regular basis to maintain our body’s health, you should have your soil tested, too! Just like our bodies need a balance of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, your soils need 18 specific nutrients to promote a healthy environment for your lawn or gardens.

Why should you test?

  • Knowing your soil is an important diagnostic tool
  • Understanding the makeup of your soil will assure proper use of fertilizers and amendments
  • Results can assure your soil maintains a proper pH range (6.0-7.0)
  • Protect the environment from over use of chemicals
  • Cost savings from only applying fertilizers and nutrients as needed.

A complete soil test is easily available from the MSU Extension service or your local county MSU Extension office. For $25 (plus postage), you can submit soil samples for analysis, with results returned to you in about two weeks, including:

  • Soil Type
  • pH level
  • Level of organic matter, including phosphorus, potassium, calcium and magnesium.

The report will also provide recommendations for supplemental nutrients for your specific area. With the right information, your lawns and gardens will thank you for the extra care!