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Don’t put off enjoying a walk or bike ride, BUT – don’t put off weeding either! 

Weeding in spring helps you and the garden in summer.  It keeps them “at bay” and helps your desirable plants grow without too much competition.  Even aggressive perennials can become unwelcome intruders if not checked early on, such as the obedient plant, monarda and chelone.

Try a new restaurant in the neighborhood, and treat your weaker, struggling plants to some extra TLC by adding some compost to their world.

Use your own or buy some and apply a 1-2” ring at the base of your perennials, shrubs and trees.  Be sure to start a few inches from the crown (where the plant stem meets the soil).  Compost is much better for the soil than chemicals - it adds a nutrition boost but also enhances the texture of the soil which encourages good drainage, air circulation and overall soil health.

Planning some time for liquid refreshments during your holiday weekend? 



Be sure to include a watering schedule appropriate for your garden.

Clay soils need deep watering less frequently, so let those beds dry out between soaks.  Sandy soils need deep watering too, but drain much faster, so be aware of plants wilting to tell you when to water.



It’s officially growing season - happy Memorial Day!

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