Tiny Bulbs Give BIG Impact!

October is the perfect time to plant lots of tiny flowering bulbs. You’ll thank yourself come February, when the winter doldrums hit and these cheery little bursts of color pop up thru the snow— alerting you that, yes, spring truly is on the way! I suggest planting where you can easily enjoy them— along the front walk, by the garage, or near your back door. Fast spreaders, each year they’ll keep thickening up, forming a luscious, overflowing, flowering carpet. For an extra punch of color, add some among your perennials. One of the best things about tiny bulbs, is that they are so easy to plant— just dig a hole 4” deep by 6” wide and place 10 to 12 bulbs less than 1” apart. Then cover up. 

So much reward for so little work! 


Eranthis hyemalis (Winter aconite)
Like little bits of sunshine, these bright yellow bloomers shoot up early, happily welcoming us to spring!







Muscari (Grape hyacinth)
Best known for sweet, long-lasting blooms, in vibrant shades of blue. No garden should be without these winter hardy, no-care bulbs. Emerging in late spring they are spectacular when planted in thick borders.




84501-02-BAKIE_20160630143852 copy.jpg

Anemone blanda (Anemone bulb)
Easy breezy— refreshing mounds of delightful daisy-shaped flowers come in blues, pinks, whites and mixed colors. Allow to naturalize— just plant and forget for captivating paths of color.