How a Gardener Survives the Winter


Here it is, the middle of February and it seems like spring, and the return to my favorite gardens, is months and months away. But this is the perfect time to find out what is new for the coming growing season. Blogs are one of my favorite ways to learn about new plants, disease and insect treatments, or to shop for everything garden related! I love turning to other professionals, and these are a few of my favorite people and places to go to. So, grab a mug of hot tea or coffee, settle down in a comfy chair with an afghan and your cat and/or dog, grab your phone/tablet/laptop and explore the wealth of knowledge and ideas from other devoted gardeners!

A Way to Garden.png

Margaret Roach is a garden professional with over 30 years of experience. A Way to Garden is her latest horticultural incarnation; her own wisdom mingled with ideas shared in weekly expert interviews. Those conversations are from the companion A Way to Garden public-radio show and podcast, which entered its ninth year in March 2018, and has won praise from “The Guardian” newspaper and multiple medals from Garden Writers of America. In my opinion, you should subscribe (free!) to both her blog and podcast right now.


Next on my list is Gardenista. I love their self-description: ‘We’re a team of garden obsessives with a mission to demystify outdoor design. When it comes to a well-loved and well lived-in landscape, the best advice comes from like-minded friends.’ This site is full of great ideas for making gardens into outdoor living space, full of gorgeous photography that will inspire any gardener. They even provide shopping tips to bring it all together.


For more of a scientific approach, I like to turn to Lee Reich, PhD. He calls himself an avid farmdener (his term: more than a gardener, less than a farmer) with graduate degrees in soil science and horticulture. He is a prolific author, with published titles like A Northeast Gardener’s Year, The Pruning Book, Weedless Gardening, Uncommon Fruits for Every Garden, Landscaping With Fruit, and Grow Fruit Naturally. He contributes to numerous magazines, such as ‘Fine Gardening’ and ‘Horticulture’. But I just go to Lee’s website and can spend hours reading his articles, past lectures and blogs (nine years’ worth!).

There are an endless number of additional resources on the web, those above are just a couple suggestions. Take a look at Floret Flowers or Monrovia’s own website. For more inspiration, check out Garden Design. And many garden publications have great websites, too, like Fine Gardening and Horticulture. Surf the web and dream of spring!