The Right Stuff (Tools!)

It is early March and there are hundreds of garden tools making appearances at your local garden and home centers. And I really mean HUNDREDS! You do not need a garage full of tools, so what does a home gardener really need to make caring for their roses and vegetables efficient…without breaking the bank?

First on the list is the Hori Hori or garden knife. This is a multi-purpose tool that fits comfortably in your hand. The slim serrated edged blade digs well, even into cracks, but can also cut tree and shrub roots when needed.


Bypass pruners are essential for the gardener. These pruners cut like a pair of scissors, giving a clean precise cut. They are available for different hand sizes and are even made for lefties!


Bypass loppers are made for the trimming and pruning of larger shrubs and even small trees. Like the bypass pruners, they function like scissors leaving a clean cut.


Finally, get yourself a good quality perennial shovel or border spade. This is used for cutting and maintaining garden bed lines. Be sure you select one that fits your frame, not too long or too short. It will be more comfortable to handle, reducing exertion and making for more efficient work in the garden.

Perennial Shovel.jpg

These tools will need to be properly cared for and one of the most important things you can do is keep them sharpened. A sharp pruner or knife will reduce wear and tear on your hands and arms, making the chores in the garden easier to complete. You can maintain these on your own with a good sharpening tool, or many hardware stores and garden centers offer sharpening services.


These, and other tools and supplies, are available at most home and garden centers, or you can shop online suppliers, such as Gardener’s Supply Company or A.M. Leonard.

With these basic tools, your foray into caring for your flower, herb, vegetable and container gardens will be off to a great start!