Art in the Garden

There are many ways to enhance your gardens in addition to your beautiful plants. Container gardens are one way, but have you considered adding pieces of art? Just as artwork adds structure, color and focus to the rooms of your home, artwork can do the same for your gardens. There are endless ways to add art to your gardens. Something as simple as a metal obelisk for flowering vine adds height to a garden. A beautiful rock found during a summer trip can add a weighty detail. Or, you can be even more adventurous!

In the first slide, the wire structure add shape and fill the space with an unexpected contrast. The second slide of beautiful blue glass flames are an example of a creative way to add an unusual color to the garden palette. And the final slide ... well, nothing like a life size statue of an adult gorilla to give a garden a focal point!

So, consider adding artwork to your gardens for that final touch. There are so many creative ways to add an unexpected design element to your "outdoor" rooms!