Bindweed, Pokeweed and Bishops Weed, Oh My!

Boy, have we had some hot weather lately. And with all of the rain with the heat, the weeds in the gardens are thriving! You know, it doesn't take long for these invaders to take over a garden. They hide in between and under our perennials, or in secluded areas of our yards, and if they manage to go to seed, you'll have many more weeds next year, and in the years to come.

A garden we recently worked in had some truly enormous weeds. Pokeweed is one that thrives in neglected areas. I found this one behind a garage where only the neighbor MIGHT ever see it. The only thing to do here was to cut it down. But in other areas of the yard, we were able to dig it out, as Veronica proudly displays.

Even if all you can do is only cut off the blossoms or seed heads, do it! And toss them in the trash immediately. That is true for any weeds you find in your gardens. If your are interested in more information on the invasive weeds we face here in the Midwest, I recommend you visit

published by Ohio State University. It is an excellent resource.

Help yourself and your gardens and get out there and face the weeds!