Do you remember asters?


In my opinion, asters, also known as Michaelmas daisy, are a forgotten fall blooming perennial. They come in all heights and colors and can grow in a clump or spread by runners. And while they prefer full sun, they will still provide a beautiful bloom in partial shade. Looking like delicate daisies, they give such a softness to the garden. And, did you know they bloom at the perfect time to attract migrating Monarch butterflies? I like the vibrant colors of the pinks, purples and blues, but whites are great to use for a garden that is enjoyed at night. Their lacy foliage is a lovely contrast to mums and other fall perennials.

Asters look great with the pink of the sedum and the blue of the caryopteris in the first photo. In the view looking down the bed, more asters can be seen at the end.  In a bright purple, standing 36-48" high, they give height to the perennial border and a bright spotlight .

Remember the simple aster for a colorful fall addition to your garden!