Falling for Containers

As the seasons change, our gardens change, and that applies to container gardens. Some summer annuals are quite tolerant of cooler temperatures, and with a little added fall interest, container gardens can transition right into the  fall season. Then again, it can be fun to just take out everything and plant a fresh new container garden for the new season. But no matter what you desire, don't think that mums and pansies are the only fall annuals you can use in pots!

The container above is a fresh, new fall garden. Both ornamental and edible kale provide the background and will grow larger and more colorful as the season progresses and temperatures cool. The black leaf plant is an ornamental pepper; the peppers themselves are even edible and quite spicy! The brilliant red flowers are Verbena and the blue cascading flowers are Calibrachoa. All of these annuals love cool weather so this container will be vibrant and entertaining all through the fall.

For more fall annuals that you may not know about, check out this page of Fine Gardening's website:


Then, go visit local nurseries to tickle your imagination and extend the enjoyment of the cool days ahead.