Impatiens Withdrawal!

Ahh...the beauty of the colorful annual impatiens in the shade. It was such and economical plant  - that little bitty thing could spread three times it's size by the end of summer. And, you could pick up a flat of 48 plants for under $10.00! But, the fungi, downy mildew, is in our soil and caused impatiens to wither up and die last summer. We must not plant impatiens walleriana for the next few years, starving the fungi from the soil, so we can once again plant these annual beauties.

Now is the time to stretch our imaginations, try something new that tolerates the shade. Here are some other annuals that I am using this year in gardens and containers:

  • Rex begonia
  • Wax begonia
  • Browallia
  • Caladium
  • Coleus
  • Hypoestes
  • New Guinea impatiens
  • Oxalis
  • Torenia
  • Vinca

Try 'em! You'll like 'em!!!