Mulch - The Best Thing For The Garden

Want to make your gardening chores easier later this summer? Then apply healthy, organic mulch now! When you have finished that first big weeding of your gardens, follow up by applying a three inch (yes, that is 3"!) layer of shredded bark mulch. It can be pine bark mulch, my personal favorite, hardwood mulch, shredded cedar, or any number of other natural mulches. If possible, stay away from mulches treated with dyes or other chemicals. By applying a layer of mulch you will accomplish three important benefits for your gardens:

  1. Suppress the future growth of weeds,
  2. Control water use (and your water bill!), and
  3. Feed your garden naturally as the mulch decomposes.

I like to be an environmentally responsible, organic gardener, and by using mulch using any of the weed control chemicals currently available can be avoided entirely, making your gardens safer for everything living in and around them. Apply the mulch to a depth of three inches (yes, I said it again, 3"!) early in the year, keeping the base of your perennials, shrubs and trees mulch free for circulation, then sit back, relax and enjoy your garden!