The Fruits of Fall

The fall fruit of the kousa dogwood provides color and texture!
The fall fruit of the kousa dogwood provides color and texture!

When you look around, enjoying all the leaf color that fall brings, check out the fruit that glows this time of year.

You may remember this unusual photo from my post last week. Kousa Dogwoods have an interesting fruit, and this tree produced some of the largest fruit I have ever seen. To me, the  berry looks like a cross between a cherry and a raspberry!

Viburnums are a large family of shrubs. This mature shrub is a cranberry Viburnum and it was planted for its fall fruit interest.

Pyracantha is a thorny shrub that loves the sun and what a display this one is giving this year! The berries glow with their orange color and the glossy green leaves provide a clean contrast to the fruit.

Hawthorne trees also have thorns and colorful fruit. Some are planted along sidewalks in urban settings because they only grow 12-15’ and they won’t grow into power lines. Their fruit is a favorite to the birds and is a hardy tree, well suitedfor city living.

Another tree we all know and love (sometimes) is Crabapple. This time of year the crabapples are showing their stuff! I like the wide range of berry color, from deep reds to bright yellows, and tree size. There are newer varieties available that are disease resistant and hold their fruit later in the season. It is definitely a tree to explore if you are in the market for fall fruit interest.