The Weather Oustside is Frightful!

But an indoor garden can be delightful!

Perk up your spirits and chase the winter blues by forcing some spring bulbs this winter.

Paperwhites (below) and Soleil d'Or (above) can be grown without soil. Plant them in pebble-filled containers with the base of the bulbs in contact with water at the bottom of the container. These bulbs don't need chilling, but will benefit from a cool temperature (50 degrees F.) until the top shoot is a couple of inches long. At that point, you can move the plant into a warm, brightly lit area.

Another fun indoor winter bulb is the amaryllis, and while we all remember the traditional red blooms, today's amaryllis comes in a brilliant variety of colors!

Amaryllis, which can be purchased as bulbs in the fall or as blooming plants in December, has become a popular year-end gift. Prized for its willingness to produce large lily-like trumpet blooms, which generally last indoors for several weeks, amaryllis is a fabulous choice for holiday centerpieces. Potted bulbs, whether in bloom or on their way, make wonderful gifts that are simple to put together.

Started in a dish of pebbles and water or potted in a shallow pot of soil, it is hard to believe such an unassuming bulb will become such a striking statement in your home!