What do April Showers and May Flowers Have in Common With You?

We’ve made it through the rainy weather of April and the earth is bursting forth around us with it’s stunning spring show.  It’s a terrific demonstration that just like you and me, the plants around us need food, oxygen and water to live - and live well!

It’s amazing how much change happens in just 24 hours when the temps are moderate and water is plentiful.  The drama is never more obvious than during Spring – that is, until the scorching heat of summer arrives. Then we worry if our gardens and lawns will survive.  

Well don’t worry - now is the time for us to plan ahead! 

A well thought out irrigation strategy is not only critical to enjoying your healthy landscape all year, it is also how to establish the most cost efficient way to manage your watering needs. 

Sprinklers are great for your lawn, but a very costly way to water much of your garden during the extreme heat of summer which causes water to evaporate much faster.  Think how quickly the streets and sidewalks dry up after a summer rain.  That means you need even more water to ensure a good, deep soak.  But how much, in which areas, and how can you tell when enough is enough? 

You probably have areas that would benefit from a drip irrigation system which targets water delivery directly to the soil.   Installation can be done professionally or as your next DIY project.  No more wasting a drop on paved areas, walls that enclose your green space or hoping enough water drips through the various canopies to get down to those thirsty roots in the soil.  Efficient watering means a huge increase in plant health and a substantial savings on your water bill.

Downspoutscan be another great resource of supplemental water to incorporate.  There are great ways to capture and redirect that water to benefit your landscape and purifying it as it filters through your soil - before it flows into our water table through streams, rivers and the beautiful lakes around us.

Toxins and infrastructure are just a part of our Clean Water equation here in the Great Lakes region. It’s never been more important to understand your part in smart water management while you welcome the May flowers!

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